i hate hw--

24/08/21 ;)
basically i hate doing school hw, i want 2 make a bookmark page but idk :/
i will link this later, i hope i'll have enough time 2 make the math shit , but also idk
i wanna draw but i don't actually have the energy and motivation 2 do that, maybe on weekendz?? anywayz, here it is sum of my ocs--
•mush (main oc)
•4cid (Acid)
ok there it is i 4got my oc's namez--

i think the name cyber iz nice... i think i gotta use it!
my phone finally is ready 4 use but i lost lvl 10 on pou :")
ok i gtg i brb soon! i gotta uptade my page >u

ok so- i took a bath and now i'll publish thiz blog, maybe i'll edit it later... see ya later!