woa i did sm!!!

HEY COOL PEOPLE!!! this is my first blog lol-- i'm so glad i uptaded the css >u<❗❗❗
like, i learned sm html and css in this time! i want 2 be just like all those cool sites that i see on neocities... they are so fcking cool! sooo, here it is more info abt me till i make the about me page!
i'm a minor and i started making sites in 2020 because i typed wrongly a site lol. ik how 2 speak english and portuguese :)
i like mushrooms and music... ^^
i'm a nb girlflux demiromantic lesbian who uses all prns (including neoprns)
hey... i had an idea! i should make an art gallery! well, maybe tommorow or even today :D
uhm, see ya later ig! i will uptade this blog soon!!